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How Many Do I Need?

For small animals such as goats and pigs, 2 may suffice. For larger animals such as horses and cows, a minimum of 4 is suggested. You'll want to consider the amount of scratching area that your animal(s) may require.

Please contact us concerning large bulk orders

Scratch n All Pads

Scratchnall is a durable scratch pad enjoyed by large and small animals.  The pad folds to 90 degrees, has 4 interlocking sides and comes in a variety of colors.  Made in USA.  Because of its unique design, ScratchnAll is a stimulating supplement to acupressure.  These scratchers are heavy-duty and versatile. You can adapt them to animal and space preference.  All orders are sent in unpackaged, bulk form along with hardware and installation instructions. Each pad measures 5” x 6” x 1” and weighs 11oz.

Soft Touch Scratch n All Pad for small animals - Milk
* Soft Touch Milk
Scratch n All Pad - Wine
Scratch n All Pad - Blue
Scratch n All Pad - Green
Scratch n All Pad - Brown
Scratch n All Pad - Black
Scratch n All Pad - Purple
Scratch n All Pad - Pink
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* Soft Touch Scratch n All Pad - Milk

* Milk is softer than the other colors. If your animal has sensitive skin or if you have a small animal, choosing the "Soft Touch" is an excellent choice. It is also a good and safe choice if you have an animal who has suffered an eye injury and wants to rub against something for relief.


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